A constitutionally enshrined voice to parliament for Australia’s First Nations …

Comment on The festival of lights – and phones  by Statement from the Heart.

A constitutionally enshrined voice to parliament for Australia’s First Nations people is an issue of national urgency. The history of our federal parliament has been to design laws that have created dispossession, oppression, disease and poverty for Aboriginal people. This needs to stop and a key part of that is ensuring that laws are developed with advice from First Nations people.

This was expressed at Parrtjima by Thomas Mayor who gave a call to action for people to ensure the Uluru Statement from the Heart is an election issue and that we have a referendum on it in the first term of a Labor government.

The value of this issue and the importance of Parrtjima in communicating issues like this is priceless. I am not sure a cost benefit analysis would be able to therefore prove anything about the true value of the Parrtjima experience.

Recent Comments by Statement from the Heart

Youth crime: compassion alone is no solution
Erwin, you have not added anything positive or constructive. While you allege The Guardian article was misleading, you have done nothing here but the fan flames of controversy.
You have not offered any ways forward to help prevent crime nor alleviate the suffering of young people in detention. All you have done is criticise someone for writing in support of compassion.
Compassion, kindness and care is sorely missing from our public debates and discussion on this issue. It is disappointing that you have missed this opportunity to support a legitimate and well informed position on a painful topic.

Back to the future with Warren Snowdon
Labor have committed $1.5bn to gas infrastructure across the Beetaloo and Queensland.
Stating that the “The Commonwealth engagement is merely through the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act and the water trigger” is therefore factually incorrect.

Mineral exploration on the way up
The Chandler project is not simply a salt project.
The primary purpose of the project is to mine salt in order to create a void to dispose of huge quantities of hazardous waste.

Massive gas reserves close to being tapped
Alister Trier is also a board member of the Energy Club NT that promotes networking and development of the energy resources, including unconventional petroleum in the NT. Industry enjoys a very cosy relationship with government.

Gunner muzzles Independents, now seven of them
Except you aren’t the Opposition are you?
You are an independent looking out for your own interests.
Maybe if you worked together in the interests of all people in the Territory you would deserve more of the public funds.

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