Two points: One answer is to stop the “Gas Development”. …

Comment on Speed up road building, say cattlemen by Charlie Carter.

Two points:
One answer is to stop the “Gas Development”.
It is a fossil fuel.
It will soon be a stranded asset.
As usual this Territory Government is chasing last decade’s tail.
The second point is a bit tougher.
The beef industry is also on the way out.
The planet cannot support it.
That wipe out in NW Queensland is the harbinger of things to come.
Drought followed by floods.
The sensible thing would have have been to compensate the pastoralists and buy them out. Offer them jobs managing the land. Ferals, fires, weeds.
I know how hard the lifestyle change would be.
I grew up on a farm.
But taxpayer funded “relief” is an expensive non-solution.
As would be taxpayer funded road upgrades which would never be recouped, either by gas or beef.

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Mparntwe custodians: Lhere Artepe does not speak for us
I am saddened by the lack of legal and cultural awareness by some of your correspondents.
@ Jack: Native title is a whitefella legal construct. It does not in any way diminish sacred site or traditional attachment to country.
@ WB: The proposal is for an Aboriginal Art Gallery. Aboriginal Art has contributed millions to the Alice community. The Aboriginal Gallery would do likewise. Don’t you think they are entitled to say where it should go?
@ Perrule: Private stuff doesn’t come into it. The Desert Knowledge precinct is the location that no Aboriginal people disagree with as far as I can determine. It is strongly supported by the most relevant custodians.
@ Peter: Again, Don’t you think they are entitled to say where it should go?
@ Arunta Man: Spot on.

Mayor Ryan misses council meeting, campaigns as CLP candidate
Talk about jumping the Gun(ner).

Off-roading with rules for our New Normal
A grand plan Scott, but without meaning to be a wet blanket, reality intervenes.
West Virginia is spitting distance from Washington DC, Baltimore, and Pittsburg. More people than Australia.
Likewise the South California site is close to LA, with 13 million.
You say “people will travel hundreds of miles to visit trails in locations like these”.
For Central Australia you have to make that “thousands”. A bloody long was to trailer your RV.
Not to mention that we don’t have sand dune areas that could be sacrificed.
Our rocky areas have unique and scarce biodiversity.
Fossil fuelled environment trashing “recreation” doesn’t seem to be the sustainable tourism we need to aim for in the future.

A touch of light: native passionfruit
Mike, I have found that they can be radically pruned back to keep them manageable without any ill effects. They come back as strongly as ever.
When they are in the bare state stripped by the caterpillars is the best time, with heavy gloves and long sleeves.
Early in the morning helps avoid the ant problem.


Wakefield ready for fight: affirms intention to acquire oval
I first posted this comment two years ago.
Nothing has changed, except that Gunner seems even more determined to piss off Central Australia;
The first problem is the government’s starting point.
“Revitalising the Mall” should be irrelevant to the site of the gallery.
The consultants envisaged a space, an environment, a backdrop where the gallery can be an icon, a feature in itself.
Not a bloody attempt to do something to the north end of the Mall which, by the way, can only be done by turning the Plaza inside out. Put a big verandah on the Mall side and open the shops to it.
I was originally in favour of the Melanka site, but realised that it is as short sighted as the Anzac site.
It needs guts and determination to something truly visionary, like MONA.
And Dale, it is time to speak the truth to power, and tell Gunner to get stuffed. Resign from the ministry if necessary. Stick up for Alice.
The laws of history suggest that you have bugger all chance of holding your seat at the next election.
You may as well make the most of it. Go down fighting for your town, and for a really important contribution to Indigenous Australia.

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