Matt Canavan and his cronies may have major debts to …

Comment on Coalition wants to accelerate Beetaloo gas production by Graeme Sawyer.

Matt Canavan and his cronies may have major debts to repay to the fossil fuel industries in return for their support over the years but we owe these companies nothing.
In the interests of a reality check, the Pepper inquiry said, “… promises of jobs and growth in the petroleum industry have all too often proven to be illusory.”
Canavan: “Even small-scale developments in the Beetaloo could create more than 6500 jobs.”
Yet the Pepper report stated that the Breeze scenario (small-scale) “labour resources over the modelled period equal to an average of 82 full time equivalent jobs”.
Just 82 jobs. It is important that politicians are held to account for their claims, especially in election periods.

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