Higher prices slows consumption? What a joke. If an alcoholic wants …

Comment on Penalising responsible drinkers is not the answer by Floyd.

Higher prices slows consumption?
What a joke.
If an alcoholic wants a drink they’ll do anything to get a drink.

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Alcohol services cuts undermine BDR: Higgins
Time to stop being politically correct and DO SOMETHING.
These problem drinkers need help now.
I’ve been in the Alcohol and Over Drugs (AOD) industry long enough to know that tough love is the only way.
Tax a percentage from those outlets selling grog and use the funds to build one large rehab centre.
Every client then must complete a Cert IV AOD course and then after that, release them to do community service. If they fail then send them back in to rehab.
If their education levels aren’t good enough for the course, then they must work through numeracy and literacy plus foundation skills to get them confident enough to complete the Cert IV.
The longer they stay in the facility the better chance they have rehabilitating and also gaining some qualifications and work ethic.
For substance abusers to change they need to change their environments.

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