Will be interesting to see what happens once The Rock …

Comment on Rock, Alice: Widening the gap by Watch’n.

Will be interesting to see what happens once The Rock climb is closed.
2013-14 spike due to debt recovery after financial crisis.
I would love to see the data on international tourists that buy and drive their own camper / car, now vs 10 years ago. Also the correlation between this data and air travel into Alice.

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Country Liberal Party: custodians ignored on gallery
A major argument from the TOs is that the gallery will bring in art and stories from elsewhere, hence it is not allowed through The Gap. But what about from the north?
What about the people whose art will be brought here?

Printed Centralian Advocate soon to fold
Not just online, but behind a paywall.

CLP would build gallery at Desert Park, not Anzac precinct
OK. Well this aint gunna fly. South of the Gap.

Solar lights can be moved with ‘ease’
Now they are building shade structures over the river bank gym equipment. Equipment that no-one uses.

Native title organisation backs Anzac precinct for gallery
If it is not built on the ANZAC site, in five years we will be left with a poor rugby field and a dusty empty block.

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