Have a quick view of the candidates facebook pages. They …

Comment on Jacinta Price: 4 year commitment lasted 18 months by Watch’n.

Have a quick view of the candidates facebook pages. They are worlds apart on the content.

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Alice students fire up for climate action
Good on them for having a go.

Council: push to declare climate emergency backfires
Yes. But what is the “plan”?
Council don’t run the power station, though they do have the most solar systems in town.
They have a public solar powered electric car plug in station.
They have a policy to lobby the NT Government on climate and environmental matters.
They actively plant and maintain the green spaces of town and manage the WRMF.
They have a focus on buying electric office cars, only available via one dealership Adelaide.
They support climate and environmental actions and demonstrations performed by their ratepayers.
Some of these points I think are what Cr Melky wanted published and spread.
I don’t think the council is preventing further actions within their powers taking place, just what they already do being acknowledged.
Bashing the council for not acting or even performing their duties just gets everybody’s shackles up.

Desert Song: We are one and free
Always a fantastic week. Enjoyed by lots of locals and interstaters.

Council: push to declare climate emergency backfires
Emergency situation needs emergency actions. Turn off the fossil fuel electricity grid. Mine lithium and other heavy metals to store and support a solar system. Creating industry and employment for thousands.
If steps like this are not taken, nothing will actually change. And the emergency will continue.

Council says ‘no’ to government gallery offer
Desert Park is still available.

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