Whilst I do not profess to be aware of the …

Comment on Jacinta Price spits dummy by Neville.

Whilst I do not profess to be aware of the substance of preceding comments regarding Jacinta Price, I find it interesting that a number of them appear to be hiding behind pseudonyms, whilst at the same time accusing her of hiding behind other people etc etc. Just say’n.

Recent Comments by Neville

Massive horse deaths now a risk to humans
To Eugene’s Mate: If you were at Mulga Bore and Angula when you say you were and failed to see carcasses or detect the odour of rotting flesh near the houses and facilities I would suggest a medical check on your essential senses!
Just travelling in from any direction you would have passed at least three carcasses on the roads, to say nothing of the watering points adjacent to the living areas where there were as many as six carcasses between them!
I have the feeling we may have met somewhere along this “horse” journey in the recent past.
In any case, it seems that some progress is being made since a meeting last Friday so that is a positive move.

Massive horse deaths now a risk to humans
I can assure you that the CLC have consulted widely and a meeting with TOs has been held on site to decide on what needs to be done across the wide range of related issues. That’s how CLC works in my experience.

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