The only names that matter in this article are Erwin …

Comment on Jacinta Price spits dummy by Watch’n.

The only names that matter in this article are Erwin and Jacinta.

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Jacinta Price spits dummy
Im not fond of any personal attacks on anyone. But I do feel she will get hung out to dry by the Libs.
Perhaps if Jacinta keeps battling over the next decade she could be elected into a position then.

Jacinta Price spits dummy
She hasnt campaigned on anything. One day slams Shorten for spending money on Aboriginal health, followed by cheers from her supporters. Next day supports Scomo in spending money on Aboriginal health, followed by cheers by her supporters.

Jacinta Price spits dummy
Gosh. If she cant handle this news service how is she gunna survive the big league?

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Always been the rule and signage in off leash areas. Nothing looks to have changed, just don’t let your dog be nasty to others.

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Was Mr Heenan’s park full at the time there were 65 to 70 patrons at the Showgrounds?

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