@ Charlie Carter: Took your advice to John Bell, re-read …

Comment on Jacinta Price spits dummy by Ian Sharp.

@ Charlie Carter: Took your advice to John Bell, re-read Marcias’ article. Easily found. Puts a lot in perspective. Cheers.

Ian Sharp Also Commented

Jacinta Price spits dummy
Well said, Alan Harrison.

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Looks like Wazza’s back
@ Gareth: I’m with Erwin on this one. Clearly labelled “comment”.

Killerbots, guided by Pine Gap, same as any other weapon?
Thanks for the very informative article Kieran, much to ponder.

Charles Perkins: Australia’s Nelson Mandela
Great article. All Centralians should know the story.

Aboriginal soldier from Charlotte Waters killed in WWI
Thanks, Jonathon Pilbrow. Charlotte Waters always a must stop on the way back from Dalhousie, a window into our past, an inkling of life in such an isolated outpost along the OT Line.
Your post adds another layer. Will chase up the book and the app. Hope the ceremony went well.

Big crowd at local School Strike 4 Climate Action
@ David: “We have politicians to act on these things.”
John Howard a very late convert just before 2007 election; The Ruddster creeping away from “the greatest moral challenge of our time”; Julia reluctant to bring in an emissions trading scheme, hounded as a “carbon taxing Juliar” by Abbott, Credlin, The Parrot and Hadley; Malcolm crucified twice for trying to do something that Tony wouldn’t – and now the farce of Barnaby wanting to rise again on the back of coal, and The Potato on his road to Damascus finally sensing the tide turning … and you blithely tell the kids “We have politicians to act on these things.”
They will roll over laughing at you. Rightly.

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