@ Jacka: Exactly, this whole area should be excised from …

Comment on Developing a treasure: 10 year East Macs plan by Greg Simon.

@ Jacka: Exactly, this whole area should be excised from the pastoral estate and gazetted as common for the people (not cattle) so that people are the beneficiaries, not just a few with vested interests. Barbed wire fencing etc is an insult to us and the wide open spaces in this modern age of Wanderlust.

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Developing a treasure: 10 year East Macs plan
The only reason it is a “treasure” is because it hasn’t suffered such “development” as envisaged by you.

Developing a treasure: 10 year East Macs plan
Here we go again – who is this Central Desert Regional council?
This is exactly what we don’t need. The area doesn’t need “developing” nor “managing”.
It has managed itself for billions of years to effectively become a place of natural environment of which there is little left remaining for people to relax in.
Before you know it, we’ll have an international airport with all the paraphernalia associated with that, resulting in yet another “managed” controlled tourist enterprise.
No, Thank You!

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