Lest We Forget. Served with seismic station in 1955-56. Many …

Comment on The Anzac Day parade 2019 by George Kraus.

Lest We Forget. Served with seismic station in 1955-56. Many fond memories. The 4th of July parties at the Memorial Club are remembered.

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Recognising the forgotten wars, necessary for peace
I remember ANZAC Day! Served in Alice with the first group of Yanks in 1955-56 and have held the Aussies in high esteem since. Good on ya. Lest forget!

Centre of attention: Glory days of Anzac Oval in the 1950s
Enjoyed many footie matches at the oval in 1955-56.
Don Robertson played briefly for the Federals until he broke his arm and no more footie for the Yanks.
We did, however, played basketball and won the premiership in 1956, our first year of competing.
We beat Darwin in one game but lost the rematch. Wonderful days in old Alice. Thanks to you all!

No arrests yet for Anzac Hill attack
Shame, Shame, Shame!!! The diggers at ANZAC and the Desert Rats of Tobruk must be weeping in their graves.
Shame not only to the perpetrators of this despicable act but to those who must know who some of them are and have not come forward with necessary information. LEST WE FORGET!! Indeed.

Alice stages huge Anzac march
My memories of Alice and ANZAC day are vivid as can be. I was with the first group of Yanks assigned to Alice in 1955-56. The few of us left still get together and lift a few cold ones to the diggers at Gallipoli.
They shall not grow old as we who are left grow old. Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we WILL remember them. LEST WE FORGET!

Will town council kill Anzac parade?
No ANZAC Parade!! For Shame! Lest we forget those gallant troops that fought and died at Gallipoli, Tobruk and other theaters of war. NO Bangtail Muster either … FOR SHAME.

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