Nothing new here – although I am soooo glad that …

Comment on Jacinta Price’s bluster: parents not mentioned by Price hides behind others.

Nothing new here – although I am soooo glad that this is out in the open.
Jacinta is very brave when it comes to posting from the safety of her Facebook site however she seems to get others to do her dirty work.
She is vindictive, to the point of obsessive, when it comes to “getting back” at those she feels “need a lesson”. She uses Facebook as if she already has Parliamentary privilege, and then she relies on her “followers” to close ranks around her protect her from her own outbursts and mischievous vindictive behaviour.
Jacinta should be ashamed. The CLP should jettison her ASAP!!
Well done to Alice Springs News Online for exposing her ways!!

Recent Comments by Price hides behind others

Warren Snowdon declared winner in Lingiari
I have heard a rumour that Jacinta Price is to be given a job under the new Federal Indigenous Minister.
If true, she will no doubt be given a plum Federal office job to “represent this region” as a reward for her dismal public and social media performance.
Again, if this is true, this is a real failure of the process, and rewarding a failed candidate who is not liked nor respected.

[ED – The Minister’s media adviser, when asked to respond, said: “Regarding the claims about Jacinta Price, we have no comment.”]

Price family were sole complainants against Cocking & Satour 
Jacinta Price seems to freely dish out very serious and time (money) consuming accusations in order to smear those that she doesn’t like – or perhaps those people who have dared to disagree with her or her family. She should be billed for the cost of these outrageous and subsequently expensive complaints.
It has come home to roost now. Jacinta is not fit for Canberra, nor for Territory politics, and not for local politics either it seems. She should reconnect with her country – and perhaps live out on a community for a decade or so and cause troubles out there – I bet the community wouldn’t put up with her trouble-making ways for too long! And neither will we!

Satour & Price seeking legal advice in Code of Conduct saga
Jacinta Price has a double personality – both of which are bullies.
The first personality is where she bullies people to their faces with vitriol and spiteful retribution threats.
The other is where she orchestrates hurt to others and hides in the shadows waiting for an opportunity to pounce during the ensuing confusion.
It’s so good to see her unprofessional, un-empathetic, racist, nasty, power-hungry and lazy personality is being exposed.
She deserves every bit of public crushing as she so easily dishes out to others.

Jacinta Price spits dummy
Jacinta has bullied so many and hidden behind the race card so often to ensure any post-bullying response back to her is muted.
Thank you Alice Springs News. I knew her from Yamba days, music recording days, and subsequent career attempts. She underperformed in everything she touched and blindly relied on others to get her across the line.
After she bullied me – she had the gall to hide behind her proposed Federal cloak and say “when I’m a Federal Minister, I will come after you and squash you!”
Applause to Alice Springs News.
I would imagine there is a long line of people with a similar story to mine.

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