Gulwanyang – I don’t think most of her supporters are …

Comment on Price family were sole complainants against Cocking & Satour  by James T Smerk.

Gulwanyang – I don’t think most of her supporters are “white supremacists” and think it is offensive for anyone to say this.
Look at it from their points of view – Jacinta comes across as someone positive that understands the past is the past and we need to move forward as a country, knows the Government is trying to help, is willing to talk and listen about how things can get better while pushing for the betterment of her people and others.
I’m sick of people not willing to talk or elaborate on issues who throw the ‘race’ term out as a conversation stopper. Stopping the conversation is just going to result in no action/improvements in our society.
P.S. I don’t support Jacinta either but understand her goals.

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Price family were sole complainants against Cocking & Satour 
I think there needs to be penalties for creating “vexatious and lacking in substance” complaints so to deter them in the future. For something that takes a lot of time and resources to go through it shouldn’t be so easy for someone to make claims without evidence. Just a thought as it’s our tax paying dollars being wasted.

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VIDEO: Watch yourself in the NAIDOC march this morning
Fighting “for what’s right” would include having a deterrent for not breaking the law, and repercussions for breaking the law!
Not fixing this problem won’t fix anything. Allowing kids to not be punished for crimes is inviting the development of serious offending adults, with no future for them and their families.
Maybe there should be more talk amongst parents and shaming when they don’t do what they should do.

Man charged with sex offence, boy with multiple thefts
In a small town this should be on the tips of everyone’s tongues. But no, just business as usual, and if anything a slow news day. Sad.

Drunk driver had 11 people in his car
And nobody is surprised. Sad.

‘Catastrophic’ drop in construction work
And yet I still can’t get a tradie around for a quote for house upgrades, because they are too greedy for juicy Government works.
Rare to find a tradie nowadays who doesn’t own multiple properties early on in their work life.
I chose the wrong career path obviously.

Drug charges as large amount of cash confiscated
I don’t see why the police don’t offer a small incentive for dob in a dealer. Give a $1000 cash payment for confirmed information and I’m sure some of these desperate druggies will dob in a dealer they don’t like.
I’m sure there are even people that aren’t druggies but are aware of some people that deal, easy money!

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