The town is bleeding out. The blood is good people …

Comment on NTG asks AAPA to consult with custodians on gallery & new site by James T Smerk.

The town is bleeding out. The blood is good people leaving and tourists not coming due to crime. Instead of putting more things in the town for people to destroy we fix the problem that no one seems to want to address FIRST.
All levels of Government are to blame for the current situation as it is their duty to provide a safe environment for their people to live in.
There seem to be a few good ideas there which would be awesome if we fix the crime problems in the town.
I’m sick of people saying there isn’t a problem and the town doesn’t have a crime problem. These people need to pull their heads out of the sand.
But hey, let’s just ignore it until all the good has gone from our once beautiful town.

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VIDEO: Watch yourself in the NAIDOC march this morning
Fighting “for what’s right” would include having a deterrent for not breaking the law, and repercussions for breaking the law!
Not fixing this problem won’t fix anything. Allowing kids to not be punished for crimes is inviting the development of serious offending adults, with no future for them and their families.
Maybe there should be more talk amongst parents and shaming when they don’t do what they should do.

Man charged with sex offence, boy with multiple thefts
In a small town this should be on the tips of everyone’s tongues. But no, just business as usual, and if anything a slow news day. Sad.

Drunk driver had 11 people in his car
And nobody is surprised. Sad.

‘Catastrophic’ drop in construction work
And yet I still can’t get a tradie around for a quote for house upgrades, because they are too greedy for juicy Government works.
Rare to find a tradie nowadays who doesn’t own multiple properties early on in their work life.
I chose the wrong career path obviously.

Drug charges as large amount of cash confiscated
I don’t see why the police don’t offer a small incentive for dob in a dealer. Give a $1000 cash payment for confirmed information and I’m sure some of these desperate druggies will dob in a dealer they don’t like.
I’m sure there are even people that aren’t druggies but are aware of some people that deal, easy money!

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