Totally agree Alex. One would expect the pseudo TOs (aka …

Comment on NTG asks AAPA to consult with custodians on gallery & new site by Jane.

Totally agree Alex. One would expect the pseudo TOs (aka AAPA) to work within the AAS Code of Ethics, watching and waiting with bated breath.
[ED:- AAS = Australian Anthropological Society; the code can be found here.]

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Can government afford cultural discord gallery is creating?  
@ Mabel: Clearly loose government process would suggest that playing on the despair of people living in poverty and get them to stand up and tick-a-box as mentioned above would suggest that they needed to find someone who would be willing to publicly undertake this type of role.
So more to the point, it’s probably a position of government appointed owner.
Very, very sad state of affairs indeed.
Again, the article is clear across every matter and the government needs to be held to account.

Can government afford cultural discord gallery is creating?  
Smithy, responsibility for country has been on the Mparntwe family group for years, Benedict was nowhere to be seen during these times …
Benedict has senior family members (male & female on the patrilinieal line) well ahead of him, he is many generations behind…
and even then, ‘leadership’ (not a customary term at all) is not an automatic process in “Arrernte custom”, the term you mention – certainly not for Mparntwe (not sure which Arrernte group you are referring to).
Therefore, Kieran’s statement is factual & in line with Mparntwe (specifically) which is also recorded appropriately.
Also worth noting (you may’ve read above) is that, there is never a ‘sole leader’ rather a family group effort on such consultations and decision making, so the ‘burden’ you suggest that’s on his shoulders would never have happened, when followed the right way.
If you have evidence that suggests otherwise for Mparntwe specific protocols, feel free to produce it to Kieran and support your opinion, Smithy.

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