Thanks Erwin and Warren for this detailed interview that recognises …

Comment on Back to the future with Warren Snowdon by Rosalie Schultz.

Thanks Erwin and Warren for this detailed interview that recognises the complexity of issues.
Erwin could you fact check Warren’s statement: “There is a clear ongoing demand in the Australian economy for access to gas reserves, conventional or unconventional.”
This contradicts the current Quarterly Essay statement by Rebecca Huntley: “The research I’ve done in the last two years, in particular with undecided and swinging voters, shows environmental issues like opposition to coal-seam gas and concern about deforestation, worries about water and air quality, food security and the transition to an energy market that relies primarily on renewables, come up in general political discussion and are important issues in deciding their vote.
“In other words, environmental issues (including climate change) are important to voters across partisan divides as well as to voters who describe themselves as swinging or undecided. Which means a political party ignores these issues at its own electoral peril.”
Thank you!

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Anti-fracking Greens: Are jobs for the dole schemes legal?
@ John Bell: Greens policies all online if you are interested, and all members can contribute to policy development.

Make September 8 Australia Day, anthem in Pitjantjatjara
I agree with many of Ted’s ideas but would like to provide information on Australian languages:
Pitjantjatjara may not be the most widely known Australian Indigenous language. According to the 2016 census, Pitjantjatjara is fourth after Kriol, Yumplatok, and Djambarrpuyngu.

Major Business Group discloses members, draws fire
We need to recognise that prisons are places of intense harm and suffering. Rather than increasing the size of the prisoner population, we should instead regret the need for prisons and develop strategies to reduce the number of people incarcerated, and particularly those who are re-incarcerated through failure of the justice system to rehabilitate.
If the community leaders in the Major Business Group are benefiting from the prison, they have little incentive to use their leadership to work towards preventing crime through building fair and strong communities.
I support Scott McConnell’s opposition to another prison, of any form.

Gas-first government dodging urgent need to act on climate
As the leader of a government that was elected with a promise to introduce a moratorium on fracking, Gunner doesn’t look very insightful.

Torrent of toxic Facebook posts after Mall melee
I’m as concerned about these obscene and racist posts as I am about the kids they describe. Anti-social behaviour on both sides is disturbing.

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