Cops nab drugged drivers

2586 Sept 24 Methamphetamine OKEleven motorists were apprehended for driving under the influence of a prohibited substance during a five day traffic operation in Alice Springs, including five within the first three days of the operation which began on Wednesday, May 1.


Another six returned positive readings for drug driving during the weekend.


Sergeant Conan Robertson says the drug testing detects prohibited drugs including cocaine, methamphetamine and cannabis.


During the five day operation, a man was issued with a notice to appear before court after he was detected travelling 116kmph in a 90kmph zone on the Ross Highway.


He returned a positive result for methamphetamine and will appear before the Alice Springs Local Court for driving whilst suspended and driving under the influence of a prohibited substance.


A 16-year-old boy who did not hold a driver’s license returned a positive result for amphetamine and THC and will appear before court on the following charges: Drive unlicensed, drive unregistered, drive uninsured, drive under the influence of a prohibited substance.


Another motorist had his driver’s license suspended immediately after he tested positive for cannabis twice in four days. He will appear before the Alice Springs Local Court at a later date.


Sergeant Conan Robertson says police will continue to conduct random drug and alcohol testing of drivers amongst other road safety initiatives to ensure people are safe on our roads.


– Police media release.





According to the website of, which is managed by the HSE National Social Inclusion, drugs can be detected considerable amounts of time after consumption.


For example: Amphetamines (1-3 days in urine and around 12 hours in blood); Barbiturates (2-4 days &1-2 days); Cannabis (7-30 days & up to 2 weeks); Cocaine (3-4 days & 1-2 days); Heroin (3-4 days & up to 12 hours); LSD (1-3 days & up to 2-3 hours); Ecstasy (3-4 days & 1-2 days); Methamphetamine crystal meth (3-6 days & 24 – 72 hours); Methadone (3-4 days& 24-36 hours) and Morphine (2-3 days & 6-8 hours).




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