So nice to read a news article about a sunset. Nice …

Comment on That’s why we all live here by RM.

So nice to read a news article about a sunset.
Nice to know that Australia still gives such magic in the mind of people – a rarity nowadays elsewhere in the world.
I hope something good like that will not be lost.

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Alice to get first Aboriginal owned earth ground station
Development doesn’t always mean improvement.
Some things should be left alone.
Don’t people care and worry about contamination by electromagnetic radiation?
5G is EVIL, by the way.
Do try to remember that.

Ted Egan: Forget splitting hairs, counting drops of blood.
If you don’t like the white man, STOP using everything that the white man invented, including the welfare system, period.

Car crashed into supermarket, alcohol stolen
No need to waste blood sweat and tears aka tax money on Aborigines who don’t stick to their respectable traditional way of life.
I don’t believe they had any liquor to abuse way back when they were all on their own.
Criminals should be [kicked] in the butt, regardless of color.

Salvos: The small acts of kindness, and the big
Good things like Salvos exist in life here because our Australian society is based and built on the highest standards of Western traditions with the altruistic beliefs of true Christianity. That is a fact.
I don’t like however getting government involved in everything as that could dangerously lead to communism.
I would like to believe that people are smart enough to understand without me explaining in detail that communism takes away people’s freedom.
The best government is the smallest government any day of human history.

Museums: First Nations demand to speak for themselves
Every one is and should be proud of their own ancestry and heritage, while respecting others as well, that is nothing new, it’s just common sense and basic courtesy as a human being.
However for Australia as a country to function properly our standards are based and built on Western traditions including the altruistic beliefs of Christianity. If you don’t like that or don’t believe in that then you can choose to live outback away from the city or even move out of the country. In those instances don’t even dream of asking for free handouts from everyone’s tax money.
But if you choose to join the functioning society that is Australia where every one is nice to one another one should at least try to keep up with the highest standards expected of life here.

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