Suggest a google search of “paint the streets white” and …

Comment on Tree death and the challenge of heatwaves by Richard Bentley.

Suggest a google search of “paint the streets white” and you may find an article Apr 28, 2018.
Los Angeles is painting the streets white to combat the rising temperatures in the summer caused by the heat island effect. Closer to home in SA Salisbury Council is indicating they are pleased with initial trials of this concept. Could be good for trees and is sure to be goood for people.

Recent Comments by Richard Bentley

Massive gas reserves close to being tapped
@ Dave Richards: “New data suggests the pipeline of wind, solar and storage projects in Australia is nearing 100GW – possibly enough for the country to go 100% renewables.”
Giles Parkinson, RenewEconomy 21-03-2019.

Massive gas reserves close to being tapped
I recently attended a seminar in Adelaide where an economist indicated the cost of transition to 100% renewable was one 7th of the loss of production and damages cost if we do not.
So yes, Dave Richards, I am suggesting we transition very rapidly.

Massive gas reserves close to being tapped
“There are still tensions, there’s still people yelling at each other, and the rest of it.” Alister Trier says.
When there are so many people across the world saying that any further development of carbon based energy is a very bad idea are you surprised?
It is not just that there are risks to water and disruption to the physical environment at a local level. There is clear evidence of increasing climate disruption – heavy rain and wind events in one part, droughts in another, acidification of the oceans everywhere.
When you – industry and governments – are not listening there is not much else we can do but SHOUT!

Gas fracking: Who forgot the oil?
Gas and oil are good for a generation, if we last that long.
Renewable technologies are good for ever.
There is no reason why we should not be 100% renewable with solar generated electricity and electric transport inside a decade.
These technologies als provide jobs everywhere, not just on the gas field.

Cooling streets: Bath St median strip top priority?
I note a recent report on cool street paint in Salisbury SA. This paint came from the military research in USA and was designed to hide airstrips from infra red cameras. It has since been employed in streets in America and now Salisbury in SA.

Alice Springs has been aware of cool white roofs so why not streets? This should be good for any street trees too and reduce the need for watering.

I also noted in Bunbury WA that structures (flag poles) in the street enabled the removal of raised median strips. Trees similarly would produce a protected space for pedestrians mid street. This would also enable street water runoff to be directed to the trees.

So by all means plant trees but don’t miss the opportunity to make other improvements.

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