As somneone who once lived in the NT and has …

Comment on Price bombs out in the bush by Eva Campbell.

As somneone who once lived in the NT and has a daughter who has worked for years for the Aboriginal community, and a son-in-law who works with the Yothu Yindi Band, I am not speaking out of ignorance when I say that if Jacinta is not voted in then they have missed out on a very admirable person.
What for God’s sake has that Snowdon ever achieved?
After all these years of going down hill. Suicide rate the highest in Australia. Drugs, STDs the highest in Australia, imprisonment the highest.
Perhaps she would be too tough, like get the women to stop drinking when pregnant so that there is no more Fetal Alchol Syndrome in their babies. They are so cruel, these women.
What despair for the Aboriginal people. May God help them.

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