Don’t forget the Liberal Party has been in power in …

Comment on Price bombs out in the bush by Watch’n.

Don’t forget the Liberal Party has been in power in Canberra for most of the last 25 years.

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Desert Song: We are one and free
Always a fantastic week. Enjoyed by lots of locals and interstaters.

Council: push to declare climate emergency backfires
Emergency situation needs emergency actions. Turn off the fossil fuel electricity grid. Mine lithium and other heavy metals to store and support a solar system. Creating industry and employment for thousands.
If steps like this are not taken, nothing will actually change. And the emergency will continue.

Council says ‘no’ to government gallery offer
Desert Park is still available.

Councillors send message to Jacinta Price
I wonder if Price will be at the special meeting about the gallery?

Council: yes to protecting NT drinking water from fracking, no to declaring a climate emergency
Not sure what climate science has to do with vaccines.
Thatcher supported supported global warming and reducing C02 emissions so she could build nuclear plants and not rely on coal miners working.

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