The Completely Failed Territory Labor Party, might hurt their own …

Comment on Gunner stonewalls Lambley’s Opposition queries by Matthew Langan.

The Completely Failed Territory Labor Party, might hurt their own feelings if they ever answered a question honestly. Good On Ya, Robyn Lambley, keep sticking it to them.

Recent Comments by Matthew Langan

Gallery business case slap in the face of custodians
The Labor Party big knob socialist flogs said exactly the same thing about the Desert Park, the Araluen Arts Centre, the Strehlow museum and arts centre, the dinosaur museum and so on years ago.
All failed socialist lemons that cannot and do not stand up on their own without major funding from taxpayers.

Government backflip leaves Centre’s youth worst off
Ever since Gunner & Wakefield’s useless Family Services Group took over Juvenile Corrections & Criminal Pandering Intervention Programs in the NT, only just two short years ago now , all of their own “Reoffending Age Allowed” Family Services criminal clients have been absolutely loving not being accountable to the Pathetic Law Courts or General Public that are sick to death of these failed criminal pandering, criminal allowance Family Services Groups that are stopping nothing, with all their failed soft serve Intervention bullshit.
Give all Corrections back to the Corrections Department experts.

Council: fob off, rejection, and secret moves
The only [person] Michael Gunner has ever listened to is, sadly, Michael Gunner himself. The sooner he & all his other failed left wing social service cronies are kicked out of NT Government offices, the better & safer it will be for all good law abiding black & white NT peoples.

Mayor attacks service club, editor
Old Dopey Mayor Peter Griffin [ED – the main character of the American animated sitcom Family Guy] should step down immediately. Of course what he said was very offending and outrageous to all the very hard working Alice Springs Rotary group of people.

Art gallery more than selling cappuccinos: Scott McConnell
Good! Don’t have a coffee shop or grog bars in the dammed proposed waste of money art gallery that Alice Springs does not need anyway.
Build a large juvenile prison high school instead, and get these age allowed constantly kissed and released criminal reoffenders off our streets for good. Protect the good people’s rights first and foremost and not the evil criminal reoffenders.

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