Without being intentionally malicious here, I even recall a while …

Comment on Ted Egan: Forget splitting hairs, counting drops of blood. by Derby Iter.

Without being intentionally malicious here, I even recall a while back that there was a term of “pepper and salt sprinkling” used in the late 70s of the description of the varying sorts of the indigenous population! It was used to refer to the differing cast of them all.
Thus, there was a fairly different view between the many of them back in those days.
Yet, suddenly, it appears everybody is the one the same now.
They themselves openly had their differences of who was what and who was the white aborigines and who was following the old ways.
There’s a lot of conflict, from within themselves to sort out yet, before I feel they can step forward together as ONE to go here.

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Ted Egan: Forget splitting hairs, counting drops of blood.
Rose Jones: Oh well, I now feel very discriminated against.
You are saying Australians who do not have Aboriginal ancestry are inferior and unprivileged.
I must be worthless then. Why didn’t somebody tell me this earlier, before I went out to start my working lifetime? I could have relocated to a place of where was a little bit appreciated, because I spent many years out on these communities and have done much to enable them to enjoy all we have today.
I even recall an old Aboriginal man saying: “White man, ice machine is white man magic.”
I had connected up a simple plug in air-conditioner.
So many have come so far, but now they do not appreciate much at all.

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Museums: First Nations demand to speak for themselves
Why cannot so few, admit to they have never been ALL THEY TRY TO CLAIM TO BEING as with, Aborigines had many divisions and sub-groups to them all!
For, if you can show me where, back pre-arrival of the Tallships, where different clans or known tribes got on with each other in good peace, throughout the times before the white skins getting here, I will supply many other as to where fights/wars & conflict was had!
For many, never liked or came together as they claim of togetherness (is only a dream to what some educated want to be has made up ). Sadly, the real truth has been compromised in recent times! And, there are many more older stories out there, about the kill or be killed, as is well known of in the Kimberley area of W.A. To where those first brave white station owners saved many of an old indigenous person fronm dying at a young age …

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