Having rangers being employed to look after environmental issues can …

Comment on Proposal to make Finke track an official recreation area by Spot.

Having rangers being employed to look after environmental issues can see this working just like all the land use agreements on Indigenous land.
Will it need the tax payers to contribute a large amount of money to sustain this idea.
This would also need to be managed – maybe – by a land council.
Operating by the good graces of people has the sound of more permanence than the options here.
Or maybe there are other people who are being included in talks who are so excited are being offered large compensations for the loss of their pastral lease areas.
But yes, making land available for recreational use is a very good idea.
That is a great opportunity for economical development of about 50% of the Indigenous land mass of the Northern Territory, you would think.

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NTG asks AAPA to consult with custodians on gallery & new site
Well Hal, we might just have found that pop up council. Don’t most of the members of the
AAPA have some connection past or present with the land councils? Are these councils now doing the bidding of the current Labor government as well?

Jacinta Price: 4 year commitment lasted 18 months
Jacinta obviously wants to help her people with more than roads, rates and rubbish.
If it means moving on to attempt this well good on her for doing that.
Going up against another who has a history with another council that should be more concentrated on rubbish, roads and royalties instead of politics, has had many years to try to make a difference but unfortunately failed, it is time a local Indigenous person was in a position to make a difference.
So go girl.

Kings Canyon community invests in secondary education
Alec: The reference about the right people getting credit were credit is due.
For example, the people themselves for supporting and getting this school not only reopened but extended.
[Credit should go to] the foundation, schools and fundraising done around Australia by many schools and the old guy getting around on crutches who had made this a personal commitment, to supporting the community by getting everyone in the room to achive something moving forward.
So, yes, onward and upward.

Kings Canyon community invests in secondary education
This is a great leap forward for the CLC’s community development program supporting the traditional owners with the classroom.
We are all sure this is a great outcome for all of those involved from all over Australia who travelled so far for the opening.
It would have been a bit quicker if this support had been there from the beginning and not now, used for one’s own propaganda at the end.
It is for the children to use, let’s keep it that way.

Bid to keep Rock climb open by heritage listing
What is to become of tourism with every one slowly taking away the attraction of travelling so far to Central Australia.
It seems the current government must be getting a lot of advice from previous Labor members, the lack of interest and support for the south again giving their presence away.
It would be good to hear how many of the previous Labor government has been put on as over-paid consultants.
The main outspoken person for the closure of the climb has made it a last ditch effort just before retiring and letting the rest of the traditional owners have to live at Uluru and with the consequences for years to come.
They are showing they don’t want to work with the industry they should be very actively involved with. And to leave a moment in history he can claim to have corrected a wrong.
As the large resort is now owned by Aboriginal people, the original argument of “they are not getting anything out of tourism” has gone through a considerable change of dynamics since the the debate of closing the climb started.
Or was the closure just the result of a dummy spit for not getting some thing else? It would be good to get a list of those for and against the closure.
Along with another iconic attraction in Central Australia and one that is located in Alice Springs a town screaming for more visitors, the Transport Hall of Fame has taken years to assemble this, with most of the help from volunteers and private business owners, not just from Alice but all over Australia.
Why has it not received more support from the town? It has and will attract more visitors than another art gallery will.
No one had to destroy existing info structure to build it. Remember Malanka, don’t let any thing be demolished till it is sure to be rebuilt or you will end up with yet another empty lot to add to the character of the town called Alice.
And with the current economic environment?
But to do some thing would be a start. In a convoy of trucks there seemed to be one that has been on display, seen leaving the NT over the holidays. Hopefully not.

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