“Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite …

Comment on More heat over Albrecht Oval lights, council digs in by Alex Hope.

“Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite them, little fleas have lesser fleas, and so ad infinitum”

There is a great irony in the way the ASTC has conducted the Albrecht Oval “consultation”, after the Anzac Oval fiasco. It would seem that the council – as Fiona Pettit has it in your quote – felt “crapped on” by the NT government by the latter process, which appeared to be more bullying than consultation.

And yet the council would appear to have employed the same bullying approach in relation to the proposed lighting at Albrecht Ova!

The essence of consultation is that it occurs as part of sharing information and gathering opinion and advice as part of decision making about a proposal. In other words it happens BEFORE a decision is made rather than afterwards.

The council has a policy where there this is implicit although not stated clearly:

“The Alice Springs Town Council is committed to open, honest, accountable and responsible decision making, which facilitates effective communication between Council and the community, encourages community involvement and partnerships in planning and decision making

In the end it is inevitable that a democratic body will have to make decisions which do not please each and every constituent. This is why the process of reaching the decision is so important, so that people have an opportunity to be heard as part of the process, not patted on the head afterwards and told ” we know best, this decision will be good for you”.

I challenge the council to show how they have followed their own policy in this matter.

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