Given the literature to date re fracking and concerns raised …

Comment on Say no to no go, urge anti-frackers by Rod Moss.

Given the literature to date re fracking and concerns raised by environmentalists wherever it has been undertaken I’m vehemently against the practice.

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A touch of light: mistletoe magic
I recommend your columns Mike, to whoever will listen, locals & others. I’ve waited decades here in the Alice for just this kind of juicy material, the best of its kind, nurturing, broad spectrum, at once hooking my attention with fine detail & painted with a passionately concerned pen.

Council resignations and surprising alliances
Strongly endorse the motion and Mike’s suggestions.

A touch of light: Dead finish and friends
Please Mike, go on and on at will.

A touch of light: Artityerrityerre, willy wagtail
These enthralling reports just get better and better. Rock on Mike!

A touch of light: caper white butterflies
More wonder-filled reportage from, as Daryl aptly dubs Mike, our local Attenborough.
Apart from leading readers into parts perhaps less valued by many travellers, its a relief to find these missives featuring amongst the usual drumbeats of The News.
That’s not to say that an equally serious urgency drives these brilliant snapshots.

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