Given the literature to date re fracking and concerns raised …

Comment on Say no to no go, urge anti-frackers by Rod Moss.

Given the literature to date re fracking and concerns raised by environmentalists wherever it has been undertaken I’m vehemently against the practice.

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Voices from the deep Centre loud and clear in the big cities
Wonderful to see Chris out there with the band after literally decades of writing and performing. And accolades also for Pirate’s pioneering work in studio and on stage.

Desert Song’s fire burns bright
Wonder-filled and inspiring report. Holidaying in Penang so this evocative clip has been some consolation for missing out.

Youth crisis: broken window of tolerance
Praiseworthy insights, Rainer. I add my voice to all those who’ve endorse your summary.

Lightshows: nature can do it so much better
Right on target Alex.
The same thought occurred to me when Mike Gillam’s outstanding exhibition ran a little more than a year ago.
The light show pales before the the natural show. And photography that can, in a profound sense, take us beyond mere spectacle has enduring value.

The eternal chase: songlines of the Seven Sisters
Wonder-filled report, Kieran! A sure enticement for anyone able to access the exhibition, but a satisfying and educational read for those, like me, who have only your words serving as an introduction.

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