Aboriginal leader joins Country Party



Prominent Aboriginal figure Phillip Alice (pictured) has joined the Australian Country Party.


The campaigner for youth initiatives and 25 year veteran with the NT police lives in lives at Santa Teresa, 70 km south east of Alice Springs.


An initiative by Mr Alice in November 2017 to collaborate with the Town Council fell on deaf ears.


A  media release from the party says he will be “aiming to address community safety both in Alice Springs and throughout the remote communities” and quotes Mr Ellis as saying he has joined the party “because I have seen the good efforts of Eli Melky. He is someone I trust, and I want to work together with him.


“On my long list of issues to fix are improving roads with bitumen for remote communities, improving renal dialysis services for remote communities that make it easy for the patient to stay on their country, developing and strengthen elder control and input into their own communities by implement an elders led program around community safety and culture.


“Aboriginal people are ready to take charge of their future and will no longer sit back and be told what is good for us.”




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