And now “cabinet in confidence”

“Commercial in confidence” is the irritating and mostly improper excuse when the government doesn’t want to disclose how it is spending taxpayers’ money.


And now we have “Cabinet in Confidence”.


“What are they hiding?” asks Opposition Leader Gary Higgins (pictured) when it was the response to questions about how the Gunner government will fix anti-social behaviour.


Mr Higgins says the Government took 90 days to answer the Opposition’s questions, “but answered only after it was raised in Parliament during Question Time on Thursday.


“We asked in no uncertain terms about the Government’s failed anti-social behaviour plan, including releasing the communications and marketing plan, but all we got back was a breakdown of a $110,000 media spend, and that the communications and media plan was Cabinet in Confidence.


“This out of control Government talk about transparency but here we have another example of information which is hidden behind closed doors for no apparent reason.


“Anti-social behaviour affects all Territorians, and they deserve to know the Government’s plan to fix this problem,” says Mr Higgins.


“Hiding behind these excuses again begs the question – what is this Government hiding? If there is nothing to hide, as they claim, then show us the plan.”


We are seeking a reply from Mr Gunner.




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