In reply to Ginny: There are so many free parks …

Comment on Government accused of unfair competition by Gilbert.

In reply to Ginny: There are so many free parks outside of towns and along the roadsides all around Australia if you want to stay for nothing.
The town caravan parks pay for rubbish removal, high rates, council regulations and provisions they have to have and the extra amenities they provide for their guests.
Blatherskite is a show grounds with not enough amenities (and not as clean) for 60 or more caravaners.
You want to stay cheap go back to the roadside stops. It’s not about the Big 4 or Wintersun or G’day Mate caravan parks being less than full.
It’s about good sense and good town management.
How would you like it if after 30 years of hard work getting a good clean caravan park up and running just to be undermined by the NT Government?
I have been to so many parks and Alice Springs has some of the best in the country.
So no-one should be allowed to come in and take their business and their good names.

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