Well here we go again and what a great way …

Comment on Government accused of unfair competition by Arthur.

Well here we go again and what a great way to get Alice Springs some adverse publicity as well as misrepresenting what competitive neutrality is really about.
If a GOVERNMENT body / council etc is competing with private enterprise in SIGNIFICANT business (and there is severe doubt that a camp site would be considered significant in terms of the law) then they must apply full cost calculation when assessing what to charge for their services.
That does not necessarily mean they must charge the same level as a full service business such as a caravan park.
In most other states the argument of competitive neutrality has been discredited but not in Alice apparently.
Not being familiar with the local situation, but I assume the showg round is leased to a show committee or some such and therefore the camping is not being run by a GOVERNMENT body even though it may be on leased government land.
Smart business people in the accommodation industry in most towns work together to increase the size of the pie overall so that everybody gets a bigger slice of the pie and everybody benefits, including the caravan parks and other businesses by bringing more tourist into the area.
The attitude being displayed in Alice is counterproductive and will spread all over the media including social media and reputations are hard live down.
Frankly who cares if there is more than 30 rigs in the show grounds as from experience the hardest thing to do in Alice is to find a vacancy in a caravan park.
The Chamber of Commerce and other business organisation need to developing the size of the trade rather than listen to one voice howling foul play in the wilderness.
We the RV consumer and tourist have heard it all before and quite frankly, are sick and tired of this constant whining by a minority in the industry.

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