We stayed at a private van park with our dog. …

Comment on Government accused of unfair competition by Karol Fisher.

We stayed at a private van park with our dog. Only van park that would take dogs.
There was no pay for six and stay for seven, amenities were overcrowded and often dirty.
I lined up till 11pm one night to get my washing done.
We loved Alice but the van park worked out very expensive for us as we stayed two weeks.
Won’t be back again until we can stay at the show grounds and we have a bigger van now.
It would be very hard to get our van in that van park as the sites were small.
If the van park says they are only seasonal …i t’s like everywhere.
Bet there is plenty of room in Victoria or South Australia now. Van parks in Cairns and Northern Queensland will have sites galore after end of October till mid April or later.
If Alice Springs wants the tourist dollar they had better wise up.
Karol Fisher
Bundaberg Qld

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