To the best of my knowledge there are very few …

Comment on Government accused of unfair competition by Pauline Higgins.

To the best of my knowledge there are very few (safe) free or cheap campsites in the NT and to be honest it’s part of the reason we no longer go there.
We lived there for 30+ years which means we’ve pretty much seen it all multiple times anyway but we still have friends up there.
Mr Heenan needs to realise because we have caravans or motorhomes we’re not all wealthy and cheap or free camps are very important to many of us.
When we go to the NT we stay in caravan parks for safety but know we get as many km in per day as possible so we don’t have to spend nights on the road.
We’ve stayed in Mr Heenan’s park once but it was way too expensive.
The NT needs to look at free or cheap sites in safe areas, especially if people are travelling with a caravan, meaning no one is in their car overnight. Mr Heenan, you’re part of the damage being done to tourism in the NT.

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