In reply to Ginny: I agree wholeheartedly with your point …

Comment on Government accused of unfair competition by Rachel.

In reply to Ginny: I agree wholeheartedly with your point of view. Lots of people love to travel but that does not mean they are rolling in dough.
Some powered sites are up to $100 per night. That is expensive if you don’t plan on swimming or using the BBQ facilities and tennis courts.
The people who choose the cheaper option will spend their money in town on things like petrol, essential supplies, restaurants, local arts and crafts etc.
Isn’t that a bonus for the entire town, and not only the owner of the “multi award winning MacDonnell Range Holiday Park” which was built on Aboriginal land in the first place?

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Intervention still the main concern
I do believe we would have had more dialogue and support in Parliament if the Labor Party was elected and Uncle Pat Dodson was our minister.
Please forgive me for saying that Ken Wyatt’s appointment was tokenism on behalf of the LNP.
Remember, he was against a Royal Commission into the aged care sector for a very long time, and he was the minister, and just look at what that has uncovered.

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