Oh, here we go again, every couple of years this …

Comment on Government accused of unfair competition by Phil Jones.

Oh, here we go again, every couple of years this bloke who is the chairman of the NT Caravan Parks Association comes along with the same old [argument] trying to cause ANY and ALL alternatives to an expensive caravan park to be closed down, and using the same old and tired arguments.
Mr Heenan: If we as travellers wanted to stay at your place, we would book in and pay the tariff you ask and enjoy the facilities you offer.
However, as we, and most other grey nomad travellers, do not need children’s playgrounds and camp kitchens and cold-water swimming pools etc. etc. then we prefer to go somewhere where the tariff is consistent with the facilities needed and used by us
When are you going to learn that if you offered discounted tariffs for those clients who do not want all your Big-4 bells and whistles, then you might get heaps more travellers into your backyard, rather than those travellers using someone else’s backyard.
Ozzie Traveller.

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