I participate in the cricket club that uses the area, …

Comment on Man’s Best Friend is not the council’s by Mick.

I participate in the cricket club that uses the area, generally for four days a week over summer, often until 7.30pm at night.
We book the western end of the oval, noting specific dates and times, with Alice Sprigs Town Council through processes that have been in place since my time with the club.
We are generally amicable to the general public also using the area, and I admit the majority do keep their dogs under control.
We have had occasions where the dogs have tried to “participate” by chasing balls and players with the balls, faeces left where we are training, as well as equipment (including juniors’) urinated on.
We have not brought this to the attention of council, as is generally a minor inconvenience, however I can see if someone (sport or other members of the public) have seen it as an issue.

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NT state final demand declines further
I would invite people to make submissions to the inquiry into remote area tax concessions and payments.

In Oz, the wide open road is the place to celebrate
Thanks for the comments Erwin. If anyone wishes to contribute, can do via this link.

Albrecht oval lights a boon for sport, town: Cricket boss
Think the harshness of the light has already been covered in the plan from the minimal lux levels protruding into neighbouring households.
Just an example of how the vision of the lights will flood the sky:
• Light bank at 4.5m wide; vision from 150m would appear at a visual angle of 1.7 degrees.
So noting a field of vision is effectively 120 degrees it would fill up less than 1.5% of you field of vision.
• Pole at say 1.12m wide – 0.45 degrees. Let the rest of you do the maths.

Albrecht oval lights a boon for sport, town: Cricket boss
Simon: Reading between the lines I assume you indirectly declared your conflict of interest. Just in reply to some of your points:
• As you and Bruce have stated, there have been two attempts by ASTC for community consultation, and the DCA also provide the opportunity. I am not sure how far they are expected to extend? As well as letterbox drops, I have also seen it advertised in local newspapers and social media.
• The Gardens Oval proposal currently has six households opposing, the closest of which is approximately 450 metres to the oval. Again it is a bit of a ‘not in my backyard’ issue
• The plans clearly show the maximum lux level at 750 (in the middle of the oval) as opposed to the 1750 you have stated. With new LED technology, this dissipates to between one and two lux at the closest household, which is approximately street light illumination.
• Traeger Park has 1500 lux. Towers are about 52m high as opposed to the proposed 34.5m at Albrecht.
• There is a large carpark adjacent to Albrecht Oval.
• Ross Park does not have appropriate sized ovals for cricket or football and effectively has no room for expansion. Albrecht oval was constructed about 20 years ago to service the needs of the Larapinta residents, and is a wonderful sporting facility.
• ‘Sadadeen Oval’ at CDU does not has turf wicket and is not owned by Alice Springs town council.
• If you have a look at how often the lights are used at Traeger Park (at most generally once per weekend) it is unrealistic that they will be on 365 days per year until 10 pm.
Alice Springs punches well above its weight when if comes to hosting sporting events. Without the lights there is the real possibility of us losing events such as the National Indigenous Cricket Carnival (of which we can be seen as the spiritual home) and, with the plans to expand the change room facilities, also extends the possibility of attracting new events.
Adelaide managed to quell the opposition to lights and new grandstands at the Adelaide Oval and have ended up with one of the greatest sporting facilities in the country.
If the town is to further develop, we all need to start thinking of the greater good rather than how it will have a minor effect on the aesthetics of our surrounding area.

Lambley calls for action on palliative care hospice
I recently spent some time visiting the Darwin Hospice. It is relaxed and comfortable and really provides the best environment you could ask in the circumstances.
Something like this for Alice would be wonderful, as opposed to a few random beds in a general ward, as it currently works.

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