Dear Council, I own a pet cow which is really …

Comment on Man’s Best Friend is not the council’s by Alex.

Dear Council, I own a pet cow which is really well-behaved, and is very sociable.
She likes to play with other cows, so can I and my other cow-owning friends let them roam willy-nilly at Ross Park?
There should only be up to about 30 cows there at a time, having fun together while us owners chat.
Because all park users should be able to co-exist to everyone’s benefit. And happy cows make for yummy milk.

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Great view of The Gap
Dear Trevor,
It appears from the angle of your photo that you were looking in the wrong direction while sitting on the bench.
If you were sitting straight, then you would have seen a beautiful view of the beginning of the West MacDonnell Ranges and Mt Gillen.
I thoroughly recommend this bench for sunset photos of the ranges.
If you would like views of The Gap, there are other benches on Anzac Hill which face directly down the main drags of Alice to The Gap with uninterrupted views.
If you need any other tips on how to sit straight on a seat, turn your head or move your body in order to compose good photos, please don’t hesitate to send another photo and we can let you know how you could have taken it better.

Museums: First Nations demand to speak for themselves
Dear RM: Well, despite my convict heritage of 205 years, and my 100% Caucasian genes, I’m not a Christian.
I guess I’m stuffed then!
Please advise where I should take my unchristian self that would make you and your regular-Church-going, grace-saying, non-blaspheming brethren happy?
I mean, I still manage to be nice to everyone – even Christians such as yourself, but clearly I don’t belong!
(And of course, despite not being a Christian, I really LOVE the swathe of Christian-based public holidays in this country! Cheers to that!)
And for everyone commenting on this post, I suggest you read “Dark Emu” and “The Biggest Estate on Earth”.
I know it may be difficult for some – books are l-o-n-g and can contain big words and things you didn’t know before, but persevere – you may be surprised at what you learn!

Albrecht oval lights a boon for sport, town: Cricket boss
To Simon:
• Clearly the Berrimah Line doesn’t exist, as you seem extremely concerned and informed about happenings in Darwin. Thank you for caring about those poor Top-Enders and the plights they face.
• It sounds like despite Alice Springs ratepayers not only knowing that council consultation always takes place for such projects, and that such consultation did actually take place and was sadly missed by those who don’t keep in touch about your neighbourhood happenings, the consultation meetings would only have been attended if the council had hand-delivered personalised, gilt-edged invitations and provided horse-drawn carriages to each meeting.
Not to mention that the DCA process asked for submissions on this project as well, and didn’t get much at all.
Take responsibility and admit that you weren’t paying attention until it was too late and are now making more noise than an old dunny door.
• Pretty much EVERYTHING in Alice Springs can be seen from Anzac Hill, so that’s not actually an argument.
Were you at the community consultation about Malanka’s, or the new courthouse, or is it truly a case of “Not In Simon’s Backyard”?
• If you think Alice Springs Town Council, who wear the electricity costs, or the sporting organisations who themselves have to pay for over-time use of the oval lights at Traeger, can afford to run the Albrecht Oval lights every single evening then you need to do some research, or just get a grip. Or take your hand off it. Or something.
• Do you complain about the crowds at Parrtjima loitering around the bus stop and the car park at Albrecht Oval at night? I don’t know how you cope with Living Waters holding events bringing all those pesky people to your neighbourhood. Maybe we should complain about those events on your behalf too!
• In most towns and cities, people rejoice when local amenities (!) like sporting ovals are upgraded to provide more opportunity for their children to get outside into the fresh air, shade is erected to protect them from the sun, and more people come to frequent their businesses.
Increased traffic also usually results in regular upgrading of infrastructure like roads, guttering and footpaths. But clearly this is less important than the view from your backyard.
If you don’t like progress because you imagine (!) that it might mildly inconvenience you, please go live in a tent in the middle of the bush, and leave the rest of us to live and grow in our town. But make sure you consult with the Indigenous owners and the wildlife advocates before you set up your tent.

‘Anzac Oval not for sale’: govt under pressure on gallery plans
Why would the NT Government announce on 18/4/18 the appointment of an interim director for this project while the applications for the role of director close on 22/4/18?
Have they already promised former Darwin resident, Crees, the permanent role?
I’m sure there hasn’t been an overwhelming number of applications for the role, so the recruitment process shouldn’t take too long.
What constructive effect could Crees possibly have before the permanent director is appointed?
I suspect there’s a story here – cronyism, nepotism, greed, stupidity?
Definitely the NT Government rushing through their own agenda regardless of practicality.
If Gunner wants to leave his legacy in Alice Springs, it’s not going to be a positive one for anyone if he keeps on down this road.

Judge Borchers’ position should be assessed: CAALAS
Dear, poor, upset, taking-everything-personally “Careful With That Jibe”, please supply proof that one part-time worker with CAALAS is able to “work closely with EVERY SINGLE young person going throught Central Australian court system, their family, community, lawyer, school and other service-providers to provide the young person with the support they need to get back on track and stay out of trouble”.
The fact that this child was back in court two months after his first appearance shows that one person CANNOT provide all this.
If anything you should be supporting the argument that no one part time staff member – (even your super-awesome one) – can do this job on only a part-time basis.
Both you should be shouting out that there needs to be change within CAALAS and using this case as a basis for your arguments to get more funding and more staff for this area.

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