I’ve used this park since 2012 for soccer and since …

Comment on Man’s Best Friend is not the council’s by J3red.

I’ve used this park since 2012 for soccer and since 2018 for my dog on occasion. I would never take my dog in there off lead if any sports were present.
We have had dogs run through the middle of matches. We had a gentleman tell us not to worry about it, “he’s friendly”, then proceed to get angry when we told him the dog had to get off the pitch (in the middle of a semi-final match, standing in the middle of the game) and he said the dog had every right to be there as well.
Those playing organised sport there pay quite a bit of money for their season, I think it is fairly rational to expect that area to remain free of unleashed dogs and that we clean up behind our dogs.
Side note, dogs are not allowed on or off leash inside the fence of the main pitch for soccer next to the netball courts. But that is usually not enforced either.

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