Statement from the Board of Trustees in response your article: …

Comment on Caravan sites row: ‘Return to successful arrangement’ by Blatherskite Park.

Statement from the Board of Trustees in response your article: Blatherskite Park was in overflow at the time of your article as all caravan parks in and around Alice Springs were full.
Blatherskite Park were advised by a representative of one of Alice Springs caravan parks on May 25 that caravan parks were full and they were redirecting campers to the park.
Blatherskite Park have been inundated by 100s of calls from tourists unable to secure camping in Alice Springs since the Finke Desert Race weekend.
Travellers are advising Blatherskite Park staff that the local caravan parks are not advising them of an alternative to camp at the show ground.
Tourism Central Australia have been directing travellers to Blatherskite Park as they are aware there are no spaces available in caravan parks.
Blatherskite Park management call daily the two caravan parks that take pets and remain updated with the availability of powered sites.
Travellers are voicing their frustration and threatening bypassing Alice Springs. This is due to the finite number of powered sites in caravan parks. People especially effected are those travelling with animals.
Blatherskite Park is closed to general campers from June 30 to July 9 due to the Alice Springs Show.
The show stall holders, traders and Showman’s Guild are currently camping at Blatherskite Park. They arrived at Blatherskite Park on June 24 as Mt Isa Show finished on June 22.
Blatherskite Park has provided camping for travellers at peak periods for decades and will continue to do so to meet this ever-growing need in Alice Springs.

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