With car parking spaces at a critical level in town, …

Comment on Multi-storey car park for the hospital: Lambley by Sam.

With car parking spaces at a critical level in town, I am astounded that the NT Police have been permitted to take over all 29 car parks in Parson Street, between the new and old police stations.
I have no problem with one or two emergency car parks for urgent police business, but it appears that police members are parking their private vehicles within the locked, secure police compound, whilst their service vehicles are now left in the street – right in the centre of the CBD!
I can understand police not wanting their private vehicles damaged by vandalism, but surely not at the expense of struggling businesses.
I wonder if a private car hire company decided to park all of their hire vehicles in the CBD to allow employees park their vehicles within a secure compound. There would be an uproar. Council and planning authorities need to seriously rethink this dumb idea.

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