How is the Brewer Estate Power Station still NOT operating? …

Comment on Four years after power warnings, old engines still carry load by Formerlocal4.

How is the Brewer Estate Power Station still NOT operating?
Since the arrival of the massive engine, which came by road from Darwin, I have: Had three jobs, got married, had two children the oldest of whom is eight, bought two houses, sold one house and moved to Sydney.
All the meanwhile, the power station still isn’t operating?!

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Lucky the Town Council isn’t in the forestry business
Time for a protest! Rally in the streets! Outside Council on the Lawns (respecting social distancing of course!)
What a joke. Doesn’t the council have better things to do then worry about an insignificant stick?!

Camel Cup called off
As a former member of the Apex Club of Central Australia I have fond memories of the Camel Cup and being part of the operation of the day.
My best mate, Mister Shaun, was one of the major drivers when we took it over from the Lions Club.
I’m not privy to the reasoning, but Id like to hope that the decision wasn’t taken lightly.
Understanding the work that goes into the event, it needs a lot of people to operate it, and people who are good at organising events. It takes a good 12 months to organise from scratch.
If you have the skills, join the Apex club and contribute to it. Alice Springs needs Apex just as much as Apex needs Alice Springs.
Make Alice Springs Great Again 🙂

Family style approach to help troubled children
Yep, great work DCS, sorry, FACS, oops, TF, what are tey called today?
The nine most dangerous words in the English language are “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help”.
Private companies should be offered contracts, interstate companies with a proven track record of success.
KARI care in NSW should be one of the organisations bought in to sort out the grotesque mess that is Out of Home care in Alice Springs and the greater NT.

Alice group says ‘no’ to extradition of Assange
Here’s an idea – rather than spending any time at all being concerned about someone like Assange, how about devoting your time and resources to the benefit of Alice Springs and the people who reside there?
This is just part of the reason why Alice Springs is in the state that it is – people are too worried about things they have absolutely no control over, rather then dealing with the things that they can.
Was the case when I lived in Alice Springs, and nothing has changed.

Portraits: it takes two
Recognised Ross Muir straight away. The sign of a good portrait artist is when you can recognise the person they are painting.

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