My parents always loved that place even before Pine Gap …

Comment on Federal Police uses drone to spy on tourists by Ian Ross.

My parents always loved that place even before Pine Gap was built.
Native Pine canyon it is also known as.
Every time we use to go there for a BBQ years ago the spooks from Pine Gap would quickly show up, always wondered how they knew we were there.
Use to be lots of Aboriginal rock paintings but most have been removed.
Basically the rock with the art has been chiselled off which is a cultural tragedy.

Recent Comments by Ian Ross

The elusive goal of deep shade in Alice
Sad to see a lot of old established Kurrajong trees along roads dying off plus other significant non native shade trees.
Replanting of drought tolerant shade trees around town should be considered, I remember there use to be lots of magnificent Athel pines and Tamaris trees around town but have been removed for some reason.
Athel pines are a good choice as they grow easily and provide nice shade and Peppercorn trees as well.

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