A number of years ago when I was down at …

Comment on Federal Police uses drone to spy on tourists by Clive Rosewarne.

A number of years ago when I was down at Kuyunba I happened to look up towards the Pine Gap direction while standing in the car park and realised I was looking straight at a camera.
It was mounted in a pretend rock outcrop some distance from the carpark.
It was purely a fluke that my eyes found it, if you weren’t looking for it you wouldn’t probably see it.
All the family could see it when I pointed it out. It’s probably not there anymore as more sophisticated and smaller technology would now be available. And if it was I bet they remove it pretty quickly.
We all waved and left.

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Pine Gap: The link Alice has to Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds
Thank-you, Craig, for your considered and probing reflection on the trustworthiness of allies and tendencies towards autocracy.
It is particularly poignant that the Rojava Kurds that are being abandoned are enacting a unique form of democracy in Rojava, where “the PYD’s organising principle is democratic confederalism: a system of direct democracy, ecological sustainability and ethnic inclusivity, where women have veto powers on new legislation and share all institutional positions with men.
“Within the short time since forming Rojava’s democratic experiment, child marriage, forced marriage, dowry and polygamy were banned; honour killings, violence and discrimination against women were criminalised.
“It is the only part of Syria where sharia councils have been abolished and religion has been consigned to the private sphere”.
As this article shows, the relationships between the Kurds and the USA is more transactional than allies, a relationship built on mutual need rather than one of mutual values.
Ecological sustainability, democratic confederation, empowerment of women and respect for diversity, now if a US President (of any variety) held those values they would surely be someone who was trustworthy.

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