Years ago, possibly between 1986 and 1992, I often went …

Comment on Federal Police uses drone to spy on tourists by Maya.

Years ago, possibly between 1986 and 1992, I often went there with my old mother, just to have a little walk in a very pretty place, special trees, and observe the rock painting there. No, we were not stopped by any security guard or AFP. But things are changing fast in Alice Springs and around, and not for the better.
THEY (whoever they are!) see the enemy everywhere, when people are still genuinely minding their own business without any “negative” intentions.

Recent Comments by Maya

Nuke power way to zero emissions, or a solar shortcut?
Seems clear to me now as it was in 2012. Uranium has its many dangerous side effects.
Sun and wind is the answer. So much talk for a very clear pathway. And please forget coal, gas and fracking. Nature’s balance is too fragile to even consider.
The mining lobbies and politicians should know by now what is right for the planet, its people and our common future.

Australian pathway through Pine Gap to nuclear ban treaty 
Thanks to ASNews for publishing this most interesting piece of information and analysis by Richard Tanter.
Timely reminder as on 9 aug, a remembrance day for the first two disastrous nuclear explosions on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 74 years ago, the Australian director of ICAN, Ms Gem Romuld will address the Alice Springs Peace Action Think Tank (ASPATT) and friends at a dinner to launch ICAN report “Choosing Humanity: Why Australia must join the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons”.
The question remains: where does Australia stand in this life threatening debate? Shall Scomo join the arms race or take the steps that our Kiwi cousins have already chosen?

Remembering nuclear past, imagining nuclear-free future
To sign or not to sign that is the question.
This lets me wonder: who are our closest relatives? The flightless kiwis, the silent carp, the massive bisons or the cuddly pandas?

Soy sauce now only from a bottlo
I am rather puzzled. Where do I get my soy sauce from now on, at liquor shops, or Chinese restaurant where the bottles are on the table, or with Japanese sushi, or on line.
Surely this is a joke in July (not even April)!

US military base in Darwin: what risk to NT?
Will the time come when Australia will look after its own interests and not at the Americans’?
Is Australia the last star next to the stripes?
Shall we always need the firm hand of Mum (UK) or Dad (USA) to guide us?
I wish I’ll still be alive when Australia become a republic in her own rights with not only recognition but a place for an Indigenous voice in it. It is all part of the same process: to grow up.

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