Respect is everything so provided it is done respectfully it …

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Respect is everything so provided it is done respectfully it should be graciously accepted.
As Australia is a multicultural country and becoming more so each year, so why does is appear that the Aboriginal culture is the only recognised one?

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‘Selected’ crimes down
Erwin, I think there’s been an error. I think they are talking about solved crimes.

Can Alice Springs crime statistics be trusted?
Not without the details they can’t.

Man robbed, but wait, there’s so much more on FB
Unfortunately unless the powers to be take this seriously, people may take matters into their own hands.

CAAMA must show why it shouldn’t be under administration
@ Jeff: Unsure Jeff how the word racist got into this.
A failing business is a failing business. The fact that ORIC have issued a show cause notice, clearly suggests that in their eyes there are some serious financial irregularities in the organisation.
My question is why isn’t this organisation supporting itself?
When the taxpayers have to keep funding these ventures over long periods, they have every right to pass comment both good and bad.
If they are unviable they should be shut down.

Woman threatened with weapon, credit card, car stolen
@ James T Smerk: Unfortunately James, there isn’t any deterrent, hence the ongoing crimes.

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