Respect is everything so provided it is done respectfully it …

Comment on How many Welcomes to Country is too many? by Surprised!.

Respect is everything so provided it is done respectfully it should be graciously accepted.
As Australia is a multicultural country and becoming more so each year, so why does is appear that the Aboriginal culture is the only recognised one?

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Police dogs assist arrests of alleged youth offenders
If the police are seeking assistance from the public, does that mean we can arm ourselves for defensive purposes and offer aid to anyone we see being attacked?

PowerWater, Territory Generation CEOs sacked
@ Evelyne: We can sack the whole government Evelyne, at the next election. Depends if people can weigh up the good things versus the bad.
Unsure if sacking the TGen and PWC head honchos will keep our power on though, but miracles do happen, they tell me.

65 years of history now a pile of rubble
Yet another criminal act by the government! The effort we go to to save a tree, yet a building with so much history is just destroyed.
What the hell were they thinking!

Claire Hockridge found dead
A non prison uniform picture would have been better.
Wasn’t that a back road to Hermannsburg?

Claire Hockridge found dead
33% failure rate. I wouldn’t be a willing investor at those odds.
Why on earth wouldn’t they utilise the skills of a tracker?

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