How frustrating. So much was put into Press by so …

Comment on IAD under external administration by Judy Lovell.

How frustrating. So much was put into Press by so many people over the years. It’s a national treasure.
With all the excitement over museums, archives, living cultural centres, art gallery, language maintenance etc, why on earth was a repository like IAD’s language resources and publishing house treated with such disregard?
Act responsibly. Save IAD Press. Rekindle the vision. Show some respect for knowledge.

Recent Comments by Judy Lovell

Distant government, frustrated council and community
It’s sort a relief to live in the rural area after hearing about the terrific local governance being practiced inside the urban precinct.
Plan? What plan?
Likely we won’t be consulted about either the planned or unplanned initiatives of the town.
Even if we used solar powered Morse code, I doubt our rural priorities would penetrate, living as we do beyond the shadow of West Gap transmitters.

Alice Festival of Light coming out of the dark
Will it be solar powered or do we get to pick up the power bill?

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