A very well measured article that requires close attention. …

Comment on Is it time for a First Nations university? by James.

A very well measured article that requires close attention.
The amalgamation of Charles Darwin University and the Batchelor Institute into a First Nations University is a worthy, necessary and logical outcome for Indigenous Australia.
Minister Wyatt needs to give this project high priority and develop a proactive programme that will be closely watched by many people.

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Boyer Lectures aim to reignite recognition debate
If anyone wants to know more about a different way of governing Australia then they should read Mark Smith’s political satire called REVO, which says among other things that we should abolish the states.

What would John Clarke have said?
Quite an inspiring article. A change from the usual mix of socio-political gruel. Well done Mark and well done Erwin for publishing.

CLP candidate Ryan compromised as town’s negotiator
Federal, state and local politics in Australia is indeed at a very low ebb.
It is difficult to find people anywhere who are really committed to what democracy is really about.
The welfare of people is very decidedly a sideline with the driving force being a desire for power, self-aggrandisement, greed and a general culture of carping and assorted cant to fit whatever agenda is on offer that will gain popularity and short term advantages.
A commitment to quality, true service and a deep respect for people and their rights are things that barely even attract lip service in today’s political climate.
It’s not even that we need significant, well-intentioned leaders.
What we need are dedicated, ordinary people who are willing to put people first with the collective view that quality of life is accorded to everyone as far as that is humanly possible.
The likely outcome is hopefully that society in general will be more harmonious.
This suggestion is to be viewed as being on a deeper level than merely addressing what best serves the common good.
People want equality and justice in their lives and politics has an emphatically paramount role in providing that.

Gillard lecture seeks to start Aboriginal suicide debate
This is a tragedy for Aboriginal people and for Australia in general.
There is still a long way to go bring Aboriginal people into their rightful place in Australian society.
There are some outstanding Aboriginal role models many of whom have come from Alice Springs.
However, better organised programmes and proper funding are required urgently to address the issue of Aboriginal suicide.
Human beings need hope, purpose, education, jobs and meaningful relationships to survive.
Thanks to Mark Smith for his succinct report.

John Moriarty: My mother found me in Alice Springs
What a great story about a truly great Aboriginal Australian.
After suffering separation from his mother John Moriarty did not give up.
John’s wife Ros obviously has played a significant role in his life.
This article deserves to be very widely read.

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