A very well measured article that requires close attention. …

Comment on Is it time for a First Nations university? by James.

A very well measured article that requires close attention.
The amalgamation of Charles Darwin University and the Batchelor Institute into a First Nations University is a worthy, necessary and logical outcome for Indigenous Australia.
Minister Wyatt needs to give this project high priority and develop a proactive programme that will be closely watched by many people.

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John Moriarty: My mother found me in Alice Springs
What a great story about a truly great Aboriginal Australian.
After suffering separation from his mother John Moriarty did not give up.
John’s wife Ros obviously has played a significant role in his life.
This article deserves to be very widely read.

The Florence Nightingale from the bush
What a great story! People generally and Aboriginal people especially can be truly proud of the life and achievements of Rona Glynn.
Her life is an inspiration to anyone who wants to achieve and perhaps has the odds stacked against them.
Australia still has a long way to go if Aboriginal people are to enjoy that equality of opportunity that is the right of all.

Alice Bungalow kid Wally McArthur ran with ‘fire and grace’
What a brilliant athlete! Wally McArthur showed how talented Aboriginals are.
Give people the right chances in life and they have the potential to do anything.
He should have gone to the 1952 Olympic Games.

I never found my mother
Great to read another inspiring story in this series. Looking forward to more. Please keep them coming. Thank You.

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