I am unsure if it’s such a good idea. I …

Comment on Is it time for a First Nations university? by Surprised!.

I am unsure if it’s such a good idea.
I feel it may promote the already large gap between people.
I am of the understanding that white people would not be allowed to enrol and if that is the case, it is clearly racist.
Somebody asked who would fund this, well perhaps a consortium of the royalty receivers could, so that everyone has skin in the game and hopefully work together to make it a success.
If it goes ahead, it is imperative that the standard of education be maintained or it risks insulting and undermining the Indigenous people who previously worked so very hard and achieved great heights in the existing facilities.

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Claire Hockridge found dead
A non prison uniform picture would have been better.
Wasn’t that a back road to Hermannsburg?

Claire Hockridge found dead
33% failure rate. I wouldn’t be a willing investor at those odds.
Why on earth wouldn’t they utilise the skills of a tracker?

Councillors: do we need Federal intervention on ‘crime wave’?
Further to my comment out of frustration albeit my belief this is all as a result of weak government and the wimpy do gooders.
We as taxpayers contribute all money the government has and a part of this it is allocated to serve and protect us.
We are clearly not protected nor are we allowed to protect ourselves or property.
The government is not doing what we pay them to do yet we still support them. This doesn’t make sense to me. Either fix it or allow the people to fix it.

Councillors: do we need Federal intervention on ‘crime wave’?
A big stick would be a simple solution until the government shows some balls.

Damien Ryan’s youth curfew dilemma
The only improvement there’s been with youth issues has been in the statistics. That was only achieved by reclassification of the incidents.
Let’s try the curfew for 12 months and see. What’s the issue in at least trying?
Short of that, people may need to carry a big stick or a paintball gun with bright coloured marking dye.

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