Just a minute, I ask myself, did you not protest …

Comment on Is it time for a First Nations university? by Evelyne Roullet.

Just a minute, I ask myself, did you not protest in Africa against apartheid? Do you not hear day after day we have to close the gap?
So what are you doing in a country that is becoming like South Africa?
Legal aid for Indigenous only! Health clinics for Indigenous only! And, now a university for Indigenous only! The gap is becoming wider and will never close.

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Gunner goofs: No council ‘decisions’ on gallery site
“Who is silent is taken to agree.”
Cr Bank and Cr Melky, who do not agree, should not attend the meetings and the public will know who is betraying our trust.

Hall of Fame has to pay for manager the government appointed
We are under the wings of incompetent ministers, a group who has no idea how to run a business, cannot follow its own regulations, wasting our taxes monies and certainly does not know the meaning of public relations.
But really, who is responsible for this fiasco? Responsible for making us the laughing stock of Australia?
All those who elected this government!
Until a minor party is getting a chance, we’ll be always trapped between Scylla and Charybdis.
PS: I have a diploma in diplomacy which means that I am able to dish insults in a very nice way.

Soy sauce now only from a bottlo
I wonder where a reformed alcoholic now a teetotaler who does not want to go to bottle shops to avoid temptations will go to buy soy sauce, hairspray, mouthwash, vanilla essence and any products containing alcohol?
What is farcical is that at 16 you have reached the age of consent but you cannot put soy sauce in your dishes.
To laugh or to cry, this is the question?

Why the NT Govt sacked the volunteers managing an icon
Can the Governor General dismisses Gunner and his crew for reason of bad management of the NT and mental health issues?

US military base in Darwin: what risk to NT?
Maya, your wish will come true the day Australia has a Premier of the like of Charles de Gaulle. Even I did not always agree with him, I know that he had balls: After 15 years of US Air Force presence, French President Charles de Gaulle decided to evict NATO forces from France.
On March 7, 1966, he announced that France would withdraw from NATO’s integrated military structure. He gave NATO forces one year to depart France.
The State Department, the United States Department of Defence, and Air Force carefully managed the news about the American departure from France, and the attendant problems of an integrated NATO air defence for western Europe and the decrease in tactical airpower.
Due to the US media focus on the Vietnam War, the removal of NATO forces from France went virtually unreported in the US.
During 1966-67 all USAF offices and facilities in France were closed and personnel and equipment moved. The last USAFE activities were the 1630th Air Base Squadron at Orly Airport and the Paris Administration Office. Both were closed in June 1967.
On October 23, 1967, all foreign flags were furled and after 17 years the last NATO forces departed France.

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