I trust Krafty realizes just how many dinkum Centralians who …

Comment on Minister Lawler determined to demolish Anzac High by P A Bassett.

I trust Krafty realizes just how many dinkum Centralians who built our beautiful town and are directly connected to the first secondary non segregated education facility in Alice, will not forget who patronised the destruction of our structurally intact and easily restored Anzac Hill High School. Which together with our post WW2 sports oval should have already been classified by the National Trust with the same historic importance as our Hartley Street School is. Gunner and his fiscally inept “team” will also be recorded accordingly.

Recent Comments by P A Bassett

Former Anzac Hill High School: time to take stock
Fear not Alex, history will record who demolished our once vibrant town CBD, ended all new privately funded CBD commercial tourism developments and are still today trying their best to escape with some form of tangible value to what they themselves are to blame for.
Other historians have a record of all associated names who are solely to blame for Alice as she is today, and will be for another entire generation.

Gallery fiasco: school heritage process ‘massively flawed’
Just noticed your response to my comment, Mr Steve Brown.
Dairy farmers and electricians from outside of the CBD limits obviously have no idea at all of what it takes to design, construct, fund, and operate any successful CBD commercial or tourism entity in Alice Springs.
The four that my family have since 1967 are still fully operational today, and return the current owners a nice return on their respective capital investment.
Mind telling Alice Springs what you have ever done since your venue at White Gums closed its doors?
P.s.: When I get hold of Mr Alex Nelson, I am quite sure he will have a nice resolution for both Mr Gunner and Mr Ryan for the continued vibrance of the new Anzac Hill High School restoration and redevelopment, at no cost to either party that will bring brilliant vibrance back to the top end of town. Cheers.

No sign of Anzac High work claimed by Minister Lawler
A short note to Gunner, Ryan, Kraft and any other person who does not restore and revitalise the first secondary education facility ever constructed in Central Australia on behalf of WW2 service personnel who also created our Anzac Oval.
You will be recorded in our NT history as being being arrogant ignorant cultural heritage destroyers, and nothing else.

Hate speech report sparks trolling
Alice Springs Open Community Forum is the only worldwide circulated uncensored daily News from our dying hometown.
You all know the only industry there today is dependant on handouts from Canberra and distributed via the Central Land Council who have been conducting a very successful program of anti tourism development now for over 30 years.
Neither Morrison, Gunner or Ryan have the balls to cure the problem that the Alice Springs News has been promoting since about 1972.
This comment has been snip recorded and will be posted on the only uncensored Alice Springs FaceBook History page called simply Lost Alice Springs.

More heat over Albrecht Oval lights, council digs in
I trust the Sacred Sites Authority, custodial owners and carers for Kare Kwatye have consented to having the most prestigious living sacred site in the Alice Springs destroyed for ever when the optimum viewing time is destroyed by any lighting at all up on this beautiful cloudprint location.

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