It might be old but it’s just not something that …

Comment on Minister Lawler determined to demolish Anzac High by James T Smerk.

It might be old but it’s just not something that would attract tourist or many local visitors throughout the year if it was ‘done up’.
Sorry if it offends but I think you will find the people wanting to keep it are people that attended the school or had something to do with it and are trying to hold on to their memories.

Recent Comments by James T Smerk

Thieves ram cars out of compound
I bet the public would love to follow this story through to the courts to hear what the outcome is: The “they have had a hard life excuse” is copy and pasted into every case now days.
Tell me what amount of money this has cost in damage, police and courts and what benefit the community gets out of the outcome.
I bet you will see a lot of cost involved and no deterrent for it to never happen again by these two.

The entitlement of not answering questions
Wow, being denied for being a certain colour.
I thought this was the kind of thing we (society) were trying to stop.
But hey let’s let people die instead of helping them, surely goes against the Hippocratic oath.
In our new world of inclusion sadly we still demand segregation.

Rock climb closure: total government control of media
Sounds like a joke but it isn’t … the end of the world is coming.

Big drops in grog crime, break-ins on way down: police
I think you will find we “the people” are used to break-ins and don’t bother reporting as nothing ever comes of it unless its serious like a car theft for insurance purposes.
So don’t fool yourself thinking crime is down, not for a second.

Private $25m residential project for health staff
Spot on Karen. But the thing is any business in the NT is apparently local, even the big interstate business with tree people in their local temp office.
Change the rules and make business have their main office in the NT and not a dodgy little satellite office to get them jobs to move in on.
And while you’re there award them to companies in the area of the works not old mate in Darwin taking all the Alice Springs business away further hurting the Alice.
I suppose the real local guys are a bit pricey but surely it’s good for the region.

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